Which bikini bottom suits you?

Chilla offers the opportunity to buy bikini bottoms seperately, so you can match them with a nice top. The advantage is that you can choose both the bottom and the top in the right size. The choice in how much skin you want to show is yours, we all the popular and fashionable styles.

Buy yourself a fashionable bikini bottom

Looking for a bikini bottom with an animal print or a solid color? Maybe you like strolling the beach in shorts with cute stripes?

Shop your favorite bikini bottom online

With brands like Phax and Luli Fama buying a bikini bottom is a treat. These swimwear labels offer the finest patterns and details and are made from comfortable fabrics and sport a flattering design.


Below you can find our collection of bikini bottom styles. Let the summer begin!

Full bikini bottom

Full bikini bottom:

The classic bikini bottom with regular coverage. The sides usually offer more coverage than the Latin bottoms.

Intermediate bikini bottom

Intermediate bikini bottom:

Bikini bottom which offers 3/4 back coverage, slightly more coverage than Brazil bottoms and less than a full bikini bottom.

Brazil bikini bottom

Brazilian bikini bottom:

Also called Latin bottom. The Brazil or Latin bikini bottom are sexy and give less back coverage than a traditional one, but more coverage than a thong. The back side is generally in a V-shape, which covers half of your buttocks.

Tie-side bikini bottom

Tie-side bikini bottom:

The tie-side bottom has cords or straps on the sides. These tie or knot on the hip. There are also variants with dual cords or styles which tie on one side.

Thong bikini bottom

Thong bikini bottom:

If you don't like "tan lines" these are for you. A thong does not cover your buttocks, only a small T-shape will leave a tan line.

Scrunch bikini bottom

Scrunch bikini bottom:

A bikini bottom with a scrunch or seam at the back to create a rippled effect and accentuate the body.

Cheeky bikini bottom

Cheeky bikini bottom:

Bikini bottom that leaves the bottom part of the buttocks uncovered, so that the "cheeks" are shown.